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Instead, we have to move purposefully, to fight prevailing injustice. It will hydrate our bodies for the marathon of social transformation we must run together.When we have forgotten how to march, we should let the youth reunite us and remind us of Aug. Never more than now has it been so pressing to pass on the glowing torch of activism.

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If we all do our part we can change this vicious cycle.

Tiffany Hanna, 11th grade student at St Augustine’s College - “Achieving Peace and Harmony in The Bahamas.” “Whenever I hear the heartbreaking news of another senseless shooting or armed robbery, I cannot help but wonder why guns are so accessible.

We need community centres and strong national mentorship programmes supported by the church, government, corporate volunteers and caring neighbours to focus on at-risk children.

Many of these children seek love and attention in all the wrong places such as gangs and inappropriate companionship, resulting in them getting involved with crime or sexual relations at a young age.

Let us continue the fight for social change together.

This essay by Lyeager was the second-highest rated: When Martin Luther King Jr. His words and life's example show us the power of a clear vision of a common good persistently pursued with patience and fortitude. King sought the guidance of a higher power, he also had faith in the ultimate conscience and goodness of mankind. It has been difficult for a lot of Americans to change, or accept change. Those who can't change their minds can't change anything. It's time to look and really see; listen and really hear; talk and have something important to say. Like Gandhi, he urged us to put aside personal prejudices and reflect on our universal values so that "all God's children," as he said, would be equally free to strive for their dreams. During the January Board of Education meeting four students from West Lake Jr. The King did indeed fight for racial justice, and quite frankly I would like to believe that he would be proud of what we did in these past 46 years. Those words are an example that truly shows what Martin Luther King Jr. To this day, a lot of the human race tends to believe that what Martin Luther King stood for was just racial unification, but I would like to object to that.This year’s winners illustrated love of country and a desire to see non-violent social change in their communities.Here are the top three winners and excerpts from their essays: Jayda Ritchie, 10th grade student at Queen’s College - “Taking Back Our Bahama Land.” “It’s time for us all to stop talking and start doing.The formation of a police force dedicated to the removal of illegal weaponry and the termination of black market weapons trade is essential.” Waynisha Saunders, 10th grade student at CV Bethel Sr High School - “A Social Cure for a National Ill.” “The foundation of any strong society is based upon healthy families and good values.When there is weakness in the family unit, it negatively impacts society at large and as a result at-risk youth are becoming involved in anti-social behaviour. In his “I Have a Dream” speech, he spoke of equality for all people.If we look around us, shops, schools, and all public places welcome everyone, regardless of their skin color. But, would Martin Luther King junior be proud of the amount of hatred there still is this world- all based on tensions so pointless?


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