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Just because they come from a country that isn’t thriving like our own, we must treat them like dirt beneath our feet? The definition of detention is “a state of being confined after one’s acts of misbehaviour”, or as we like to think of it, staying after school when everyone’s gone home as a punishment for misbehaving.But can you list three things asylum seekers have done wrong? I don’t feel anyone could, because they are simply innocent people who have had an unfortunate lifestyle.One should keep in mind that some of these people can be rather skilled professionals; however, they have to struggle with many bureaucratic obstacles. At first, governmental official should make sure that children of asylum seeks can get access to the educational services as quickly as possible.

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Nevertheless, Australia has a right to control its borders, even with the help of such measures as Operation Sovereign Borders, provided that this policy does not infringe on the sovereignty of other states.

In this case, the conception of national interest relies on the defensive neo-realism.

Asylum seekers have been escaping their hostile countries for decades now, but where are they fleeing to? With the Australian government forcing asylum seekers to Thailand and other foreign countries, it is lessening the number we, as Australians, have to “deal with”, at least that is the government’s plan.

Many Australians believe that asylum seekers and refugees don’t deserve to come here to Australia, however if those Australians were to be forced to flee Australia due to war, they would support them coming.

At the same time, the Australian government has a right to limit or even eliminate the activities of organisations that can transport Asylum seekers in an illegal way.

Nevertheless, these actions should not be aimed against individuals who seek asylum.

So, it is critical to consider the security interests of Australia.

This task should be one of the main priorities for Australian policy-makers.

For example, it is not permissible to force them return to the countries in which they can be imprisoned, tortured, or even killed (Showler 2006, p. However, governmental officials have a right to investigate the background of people who intend to find shelter in Australia.

This necessity becomes particularly relevant at the time, when the threats of terrorism have increased dramatically.


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