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After this, the women obeyed him achieving what Sunzi called “Shock and Awe”; “Shock and awe and hence compliance or capitulation through very selective, utterly brutal and ruthless, and rapid application of force to intimidate” (Ni Fhloinn 194).This event not only gave him notoriety but also created a legend.

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is a piece of literature that has withstood the tests of time.

Written before the recording of Chinese history, information regarding Sun Tzu and this classic text is limited.

In this story, King Helu of Wu put Sunzi’s skills to the test, asking him to train women for military battle.

When the women refused to listen and disobeyed his orders to march, he killed 2 of the female commanders.

Throughout the ages of history, there were many wars that were fought.

For every victory and defeat, what was it that really determined the outcome of the war?Though the social environment was unstable at times, other areas of ancient China thrived and cultivated.Sunzi lived near the era of the Han Dynasty which is also the time in which Chinese history was gathered and recorded by historian and philosopher Sima Qian.The time in which Sun Tzu lived is argued amongst scholars.While one researcher suggests the book was written after 500 BC, another claims Sun Tzu lived sometime around 770 to 475 BC.Another significant lesson on warfare and leadership put forth by Sun Tzu was having the ability to conquer areas with no fighting at all.This lesson also involved the ability to absorb and expand within an area instead of total domination and annihilation.It was a good strategy to trick the enemy into always thinking and feeling that an attack would happen at any given moment, something that would cause the enemy to develop stress or become restless with less chances of obtaining a sense of peace or assuming that an attack was not going to happen.If one was able to master the technique of deception, then it was likely that one will increase the chances of victory.Regardless of the era, war was an important topic due to the political and social climax of the era.It was “the age of a multistate, unstable world that saw frequent conflicts over control of the land and people”, (Lo 118).


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