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Some people might use this type of situation to challenge themselves to reach their goals, while others might decide to destroy the person they believe stands in their way.In William Shakespeare's play Othello, Iago is a soldier with hopes of being promoted to lieutenant.

He becomes angry and vengeful when he is passed over for promotion.

A less experienced soldier, Cassio, is promoted to lieutenant instead of Iago.

Try it risk-free When we work hard to achieve our goals, it can be difficult to watch others who are less accomplished than we are achieve what we've wanted without as much work.

This type of situation can cause us to feel envious and jealous of the other person.

Once Iago plants the seed of doubt in Othello's mind, he plants Desdemona's handkerchief in Cassio's possession to confirm the affair, and Othello spirals out of control.

Iago is the antagonist in the play Othello by William Shakespeare.

Up to the point where the Duke acknowledges the validity of Desdemona's love towards Othello, Shakespeare portrays Othello as a complete outsider of the society. This escalation to power, however, also implies that when he loses these abilities that has brought him up to his current status, there will be no use for him...

He is the Moor, the man from nowhere, the "Barbary Horse,"(Othello 1,1,110.) From the Library of Congress: TITLE: Thos.

Although Iago certainly plays a major role in the play as the villain, the main plot of the play emanates around Othello as changes occur.

The audiences sympathize with Othello throughout his heroic rise and tragic fall, thus proving him as the main character of the play.


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