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When writing an explanatory essay, you must always keep in mind that your goal is to educate the reader.

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The meaning of the ancient Latin ancestor of the word explain was "to make something level, plain" in a literal sense, or "to make something clear" figuratively.Write down the main points that support your thesis and think about how you can order them so that they make sense for the reader. Be creative and attempt to grab your reader’s attention. Also remember that each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. Include sources to provide evidence for your assertions. The conclusion is the final paragraph of your essay and should summarize your main points.This is especially important for an explanatory essay, as you must be certain that your topic has been completely and accurately explained to your reader.And so, it is still relevant today, when in order for us to understand something, it has to be in plain sight, either of our physical or our intellectual eye.Does a mention of such thing as explanatory style make you think about that psychology-related explanatory style, which describes those monologues we hold in our heads, telling ourselves why we are the way we are? Well, whether you are familiar with it or not, get it out of your head, right now. Because now is the time for a whole different kind of explanatory style - an explanatory style in academic essays.Each year nearly one out of every three accidents is preventable (Climbing 35).According to certified guide Jessie Guthrie, “many people—even advanced climbers—get hurt every year because of careless errors” (304).You are right, a good essay writer should not confuse their reader, so let us begin.An explanatory essay is a standard essay type, and it is probably the most common one among academic papers.A faster way to grasp the concept is to think of a teacher and everything they use in their speech when explaining something to a student.One thing that has to be remembered about an explanatory essay is that it not always is a dispute type of writing, because its purpose is informative first and foremost.


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    Explanatory, otherwise known as expository, writing presents a particular viewpoint or reports a certain event or situation. It explains the viewpoint or situation in detail and attempts to clarify any confusing or difficult to interpret facts.…

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    An explanation, or expository, essay is a paper in which your objective as a writer is to explain something to your reader. A key to writing successfully is maintaining awareness of the audience, which will influence your tone and word choice.…

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    Explanation Essay. The main function of an explanation essay is to clear up the issue of the research, describe it and reveal the essence of the matter in a brief and coherent way. To make the work easier, apply the following questions to your thesis statement What/Who? Why? What for? When? How?…

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    Explanation, Understanding, and Subjectivity Essay 3357 Words 14 Pages. Explanation, Understanding, and Subjectivity ABSTRACT Many theorists of explanation from Hempel onward have worked with the explicit or implicit assumption that considerations of the subjective sense of understanding should be kept out of the formulation of a proper theory of explanation.…

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    When you want your students to practice explanatory writing, present them with one or more of the following prompts, grouped by difficulty. You can also introduce students to the PAST strategy to help them understand what each explanatory prompt is asking them to do.…

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    What Is an Explanatory Essay. An explanatory essay is a type of writing in which the author presents some point of view on a certain topic, event or situation. This view does not necessarily have to be one that the writer agrees with, but it must have some research and logic to make it feasible.…

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    If you know someone who knows more about this concept than you, you can interview them to get information. Moreover, if this person or you has special credentials which show they are an expert on this subject, be sure to include that in your essay so that your reader knows your explanation is authoritative.…

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    An explanatory essay is also sometimes called an expository essay. Like an expository essay, the explanatory essay can take a number of forms. Some example forms include the example, compare/contrast, definition, how-to, and cause/effect essay formats. The goal of the explanatory essay is to inform readers of a topic or situation.…

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