Extracurricular Activities Essay

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President, National Art Honor Society Selected for outstanding ability and interest in art-- ran meetings, five gallery shows, art community service, and coordinated the field trips.

Teen Volunteer at (blank) Medical Center Interacted with patients; assisted nursing staff in providing clinical care; designed, produced & delivered holiday greeting cards to patients. Officer Organize meetings and trips to conferences and colleges, advertise cultural events, plan fundraisers, oversee delegated responsibilities of members.

Spanish Honors Society Tutor students in Spanish and promote a continuing interest in Hispanic studies. Co-Founder, peer tutoring program Launched program through which students can request complimentary coaching in math/science; taught concepts in chemistry and precalculus.

Concertmaster of (blank) High School Symphony Orchestra Lead violin section in rehearsals and concerts, tune and warm up the orchestra, assist the directors in orchestra functions; Outstanding Musicianship.

My contributions are not huge but I tried to give some of my time to those who are ill, disabled or having a tough time in their life.

One of my experiences was trip to Eric Johnson House to cook Thanksgiving dinner for people with HIV.

Developed, designed and maintained school MUN-club X and Coursera Courses on Global Health Equity I completed several college courses in Global Health Equity and Healthcare systems; pre-enrolled in Paul Farmer’s ed X Course on Global Health Equity.

Volunteer at the (blank) Museum Sold souvenirs to tourists in museum gift shop, took inventory, managed sales and financial accounts, and completed all administrative tasks.

Also, I went to Morris View nursing home with other PTK members on one the Saturdays.

It was a relaxing experience for older people; we played game “Bingo”, just to break from gloomy and routine atmosphere at the nursing home.


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