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Designed for use by both literary critics and secondary and college teachers of English, this work would also be of value to undergraduate and graduate students of literature.

In the lesson, we'll discuss a brief biography of the American poet, Ezra Pound.

The smug people Pound is describing do not think or care about families; they only think of themselves.

Therefore, Pound chose these two images to describe to the reader the importance of thinking of others and looking past just the surface.

Well, here in this poem, Pound is discussing his disdain for 'the thoroughly smug' people of the world; one can easily make the comparison between Pound's opinion of both smug people and American modernist poets.

He discusses how the current generation is made up of self-righteous individuals who never once think of others.

He was a critic of the early modernist movement in American poetry, which was partially responsible for his desire to leave the country and settle in Europe.

Throughout his life in Europe, he became a huge proponent of Imagism, a more classical movement in poetry. The first time you read it, simply read it for the content.

While imprisoned, he continued to write one of his most famous and lengthy works, called The Cantos. Although he voiced his dislike for the modernist poetry, Pound's legacy was his part in helping to advance the careers of some of the most well-known modernist poets, including e.e. And I am happier than you are, And they were happier than I am; And the fish swim in the lake and do not even own clothing.

While you read the poem, were you able to determine the speaker's message?


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