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Edit: oh and as has been said, try quoting a range of sources to show you have researched extensively.One of the main criticisms of one of my most recent essays was that it was "a little bit Canadian" with regards to the writings coming from the same Journal that was printed in Winnipeg.

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As someone mentioned above, raising contrasting points made by other scholars only to effectively disagree with them is another useful technique that achieves the same engagement.

After that it's just a question of coherent argument, focus, and style. Correct referencing, again another area where many people lose marks needlessly.

My grand father and grand mother also live with us.

On every Weekend, my father takes us to visit the city. I love deer, elephants, zebra and Monkey at the zoo.

I personally would feel more comfortable writing too little than too much.

I think its really important to be concise and economical with the words you use.

Cheers Take as long as you think to need to work on an essay and add 50% onto it. There are people who can write something the night before and get a first but I am not one of them.

Make sure you use your sources and articles effectively.

I have found that the only time I get a first is when I have truly finished the essay about a week before it's due. Sometimes it's not a case of removing what is wrong but replacing it with something improved or some structure more suitable.

Then four or five days later, I read through it again, and it's like reading an essay and I can see how to make it better. I also got 67 once though in a night-before essay, but that was because I really connected with both the question and the book (Eng Lit student) And make sure it's as interesting and enjoyable to read as you can possibly make it.


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