Gender Representation In The Media Essays

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Children are not the only ones that pick up on stereotypes in the media.

The messages in the media influence adults to “decide the kind of man or woman [they] want to be” (Martin).

According to the media, the kind of woman women want to be is one that is “caring, emotional, home-loving…guided above all by their feelings” (Martin).

Women are to take a back seat in comparison to males.

Unfortunately, these women also tend to make mistakes, and “when things go wrong, and of course with women they often do, they’re shown as clumsy, helpless, [and] panic stricken” (Martin).

For example, Lucy of the classic series I love Lucy is consistently depicted in scenes in which her clumsy behavior results in over-dramatic failure which leads her to become panicked and helpless.

She discovered a recurring theme in the Media she coined “The Smurfette Principle” in which “a group of male buddies will be accented by a lone female, stereotypically defined” (Pollitt 568).

She defines this stereotype as “a little-sister type” who “tags along” with the males (Pollitt 568).

As such, the susceptible mind of a child becomes a machine that spits out whatever information anyone, or anything puts in it.

These ideas, however, are not always true, and may prematurely form a child’s opinions.


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