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There is an increase in the velocity between sites 2 and 3 because some of the water initially abstracted is pumped back into the river; additional water is also added as the river starts to meet its tributaries downstream. At site 4 we measured inside the inner-bend of the meander; which flows faster than the outer-bend. I'm in my A2 Year of Geography and your're using terms that I used in AS! Did you have to go on your own, if you wanted to do your own 'original research'?

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It is so boring; there is nothing new to say about the stupid river which I investigated.

Just a little rant - I am starting to think that I won't do well on my coursework for Geography; for example, most of it talks about one thing constantly!

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According to the Bradshaw Model, the channel width is expected to increase moving downstream from the source.

Site Width in meters Site 1 6.1 Site 2 2.7 Site 3 5.8 Site 4 5.9 Site 5 6.7 There is an abnormal decrease of 3.4m in the channel width between sites 2 and 3; approximately 7KM from source.There will be more water flowing over a wider; deeper channel, because it has greater surface area.The velocity increases because as one moves downstream from the source – there will be less boulders; hence obstacles which initially slow down velocity in-spite of the river being at a greater slope from the source.You should also be aware that some variations exist between exam boards as to the way in which geographical enquiry is undertaken.You should always follow the guidelines offered by your teachers.The material on this section of the site is based mainly around AQA Syllabus A. Basically I literally write the same thing over and over and over again for all 5 strands.Site Velocity (m/sec) Site 1 0.67 Site 2 0.04 Site 3 0.11 Site 4 0.26 Site 5 0.19 However, this significant decrease in velocity between the two sites is caused by the abstraction of water between the two sites from the Calder Intake at to the Barnacre and Grizedale Lea reservoirs at grid-reference 5488.This makes the Channel Width narrower and the flow of water shallower.If you have any concerns regarding your geography coursework please ask your teacher.He/she will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.


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