Geography Dissertations

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Oyana) Clauson, Karen - Measuring Trends in Riverbed Gradation: A Lower Mississippi River Case Study (C.

Lant) Johnson, Sara - An Evaluation of Land Change Modeler for ARCGIS for the Ecological Analysis of Landscape Composition (T.

Oyana) Sirikulchayanon, Poothip - Assessing the Impacts of the 2004 Tsunami on Mangroves Using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques: A Case Study of Phang Nga Thailand (T.

Oyana) Weekley, Sharon - Commodity Flows and Navigation Improvements on the Ohio River Inland Waterway System (B.

Duram) Bloom, Shauna - State Support of Certified Organic Agriculture in Twelve Midwestern States (L.

Duram) Eidem, Nathan - Directors' Perceptions of Public Participation in Groundwater Management of the Tri-Basin Natural Resources District (B.Duram) Buchman, Monique - Land Use Modeling Using Higher Order Markov Chains (C. - Assessing Barriers to the Implementation of GIS Technology in Precision Agriculture (L.Duram) Guajardo, Olga - A Critical Assessment of Geographic Clusters of Breast and Lung Cancer Incidences Among Residents Living Near the Tittabawassee River, Michigan (T. - Stakeholder Collaboration in Suburban Prairie Restoration: Three Case Studies from Cook County, Illinois (L.Dissertations and theses written at SIUC may be checked out at Morris Library if there is a circulating copy available.SIUC dissertations and theses may be searched by title or author on the Morris Library website.Hooper) Pande, Archana - Habitat Modeling to Assess the Risk of Invasion by Celastrus Orbiculatus on Public Lands in Southern Illinois (C.Lant) Roark, Douglas - Heavy Snowfalls in the Southern Illinois Region: An Analysis of Causal Parameters (J.Oyana) Jones, Adam - Geographic Analysis of Wireless Broadband Internet Access in Rural Communities: A GIS Case Study of Southern Illinois (T.Oyana) Kozak, Justin - Geography of Ecosystem Service Value: The Case of the Des Plaines and Cache River Wetlands, Illinois (C.Oyana) Blazevic, Antonio - Using Location-Allocation to optimize the Location of Fire Tanker Airbases in California (W.Sun) Clark Gaffney, Jessica - Tracking Lyme Disease: A Hybrid Approach to Assess Potential Locations of Risk in Jackson County (T.


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