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Moreover, the modern State tends to be an intrusive one, reaching into areas that never used to interest it, such as the economy, education or health.As a consequence, it tries to subordinate the religious authorities and to control them closely in order to be sure that they always provide it with an appearance, a surplus, or a decisive contribution of legitimacy. It is tempting to answer that what has occurred is not a radical break with the previously reigning situation, that there has merely been an acceleration of processes already at work at the economic, social, political, cultural, and therefore also religious, levels.Thus, the tractor, the automobile and the machine in general are supplanting the animal and human physical effort; services are occupying an ever growing place of importance in economies; and the same, or almost the same, industrial products are invading the markets of every country.

This situation was seriously disrupted by the emergence of modern Nation-States in the Muslim world.

The monopoly previously enjoyed by the in the legal domain was demolished by the introduction of positive law during the colonial period, and then since the political independence occurring between the end of the Second World War and the beginning of the 1960s.

They offer a sense of direction and certainty rather than chaos and anomie.

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Let it suffice to recall that this is a universal phenomenon possessing at once unarguably positive dimensions, as well as negative, not to say dangerous dimensions for the future of humanity.

While the economy is the primary object of globalization, its unintended consequences for the religious domain are not negligible.

Let us add that Islam recognizes no intermediaries between God and man.

The relation to divinity famously passes through the Koran as revealed to the Prophet, and accessorily, for the Shiites, through the Imam and his qualified representatives.

The diminution or the disappearance of traditional social constraint exercised by the tribal group follows from this.

The patriarchal family is giving way to the nuclear family, with all the consequences that come with it concerning the means of socializing young people.


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