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In these traditions, God is also identified as the author (either directly or by inspiration) of certain texts, or that certain texts describe specific historical events caused by the God in question or communications from God (whether in direct speech or via dreams or omens).Some traditions also believe that God is the entity which is currently answering prayers for intervention or information or opinions.

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From the ancient Greeks to the medieval Japanese people to the Native Americans, the same arguments for and against deities have been found.

Moses ben Maimon, widely known as Maimonides, was a Jewish scholar who tried to logically prove the existence of God.

Maimonides offered proofs for the existence of God, but he did not begin with defining God first, like many others do.

Krauss, Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Neil de Grasse Tyson, John Lennox and Sam Harris, as well as philosophers including Richard Swinburne, Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig, Rebecca Goldstein, A. Grayling, Daniel Dennett, Edward Feser and David Bentley Hart.

Scientists follow the scientific method, within which theories must be verifiable by physical experiment.


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