Going Out With Friends Essay

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I was just about to get in when my mother called from the front doorway.

She wanted to talk to me, but I didn't want to talk to her, so I hopped in pretending I hadn't heard her and told Kolin to drive off.

In fact, right now, while writing this essay, I have a headache because I drank too much wine with my Russian friend Misha last night.

Now I wish I hadn’t stopped by in Albany to see him.

I still think a childhood friend of mine stole my father’s Swiss watch, my only patrimony.

If friendships tend to be so bad for us, why do we have them?

"Yeah it was almost a messy situation, but they backed off," replied Mark.

"Who cares man, I got sixty-five for the stereo in that house.

Many people start smoking and develop other bad habits because of hanging out with their friends.

When I am around friends, I tend to drink too much.


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