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Five minutes spent writing a bullet point summary of the work you have done each day will build up into an invaluable record.Good records are the foundation stone upon which your research is built.Keep your lab book detailed and accurate, and maintain good records of your samples.Months after reading a paper, you will have forgotten many of the details. You have two choices: enter all publications and books you read into bibliography software as you go or spend hours doing it all in one go at the end of your studies (hint: the former is easier).Keeping short summaries of each paper will allow you quickly refresh your memory without having to re-read the original publication. Even though you will be unsure of exactly what your thesis will contain at the end, begin writing what you can and as early as you can.Data included on the cover are: academic department, thesis title, author's name, the phrase "Doctoral Dissertation" and the year it is submitted.Paper: The dissertation must be printed on good quality A4 white paper.But it doesn’t have to be that way, with the right approach you can make the whole process much easier—here’s how: Take responsibility to become an expert in your area, produce good quality research, and write a competent Ph D thesis.Your supervisor is only there to guide and mentor you, no matter what you, or s/he, might think.This record will ease the Ph D thesis writing process greatly.Whether you chose to read one research paper or spend an hour reading every day, make sure you do it.


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