Grade 1 Spondylothesis

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This condition is caused by the deterioration (degeneration) of the facet joints and discs of the spine.

Spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis are related but different conditions.

In adults, spondylolysis more often affects women and those who are 50 and older with conditions like arthritis.

To make an appointment with a spine specialist, call 410-448-6400 or request an appointment online.

There are two operations that may be performed: Spondylolisthesis is when spinal vertebrae slip forward over one another.

This is often caused when the crack in a pars fracture affects both sides of connection between the lamina and pedicles).This involves injecting chemical "tracers" into the blood stream. The tracers collect in areas of increased metabolism or cell activity in bone tissue, such as would be seen in areas of a stress fracture of the pars interarticularis.A CT scan may be used to evaluate a pars defect and to visualize healing bone, while an MRI may be useful to assess the surrounding tissue and condition of the disc.(See figure 1.) Spondylolysis (sometimes called by the shortened name, "pars fracture") usually occurs during childhood or adolescence from repetitive stress, rather than from an acute injury.In other words, it is usually a stress fracture rather than a sudden break.Hyperextension (abnormal stretching) of the lower back will usually aggravate the area as it overloads the pars fracture.Occasionally, nerve symptoms can be present that may include a “pins and needles” sensation in a leg, with or without numbness or weakness in the leg.The spinal cord is protected by rings of bone that make up the middle and posterior (rear) portion of the spinal column.In each of these rings, the pars interarticularis (or simply "pars" for short) connects other components of the ring, known as the pedicle and lamina.However, an injury can occur too quickly for the vertebra to be repaired, and this leads to a crack in the pars.The crack may affect only one side, but it is not uncommon to have fractures on both sides of the vertebra.


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