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Employers provide a voluntary insurance program to their employees that are paid for through payments from employees and employers together.Then you have the elderly you are covered through Social Security tax, government subsidized voluntary insurance for physician, supplementary, and prescription drug coverage.

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The United Sates is one of the few countries in the world that does have a national health care system where their government pays the majority and is the leader in the health care organization. The private sector is the leader and the government takes a back seat in the majority of the development of health policies.

It is funny that Americans prefer to have as less involvement from the government as possible in relation to health care financing, delivery, and policy.

The indigent obtain health care through Medicaid which is funded through federal, state, and local revenues.

American Indians, Congress, members of the armed forces, Veterans, and the executive branch have health insurance that is financed through the federal government directly.

This is statistically significant with a p-value = 0.01.

As far as current smoking is concerned, according to the odds-ratio [exp (B) = 1.386], it is evident that odds of hypertension are 1.386 times higher for current smokers than non-smokers and current smokers are 38.6% more likely to develop hypertension, assuming non-smokers as the reference category which is statistically significant with a p-value = 0.001.Medicare mainly deals with Americans who are over the age of 65 or disabled.Medicaid deals with people who are of low income or maybe classified as being poor.Any type of reform in America is incremental and piecemeal especially health care.For example Medicaid has had many much needed changes since its beginning in 1965.The State Children’s Health Insurance Program deals with people who are uninsured or low income children.There are so many aspects that can make up healthcare policy and there will be many more that will have an impact on healthcare in the future.The mother’s height itself is not statistically significant (p= 0.103) and does not predict the son’s height.Son’s height (y) = a b1x1 b2x2 Son’s height (y) = 40.163 0.507x1 - 0.089x Question 2: - By looking at the table, it is clear that the p-value for both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure is the same that is (p= 0.001), which means that according to the p-value, both of them are statistically significant.The b- value of the risk factor gender is -0.2524, and the corresponding odds-ratio is (exp (B) = 0.776) that means women are 22.4% less likely to develop hypertension compared to males.The p-value indicates that it is statistically significant (p= 0.01).


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