Healthy Foods In Schools Essay

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Poor nutrition has been seen to cause obesity and overweight in children; both of which impact negatively on the child’s mental health and school performance.For example, obese students are more likely to suffer from exclusion from peer group activities and may also experience some form of discriminatory actions from adults.Ironically, junk foods which are responsible for the poor diets by children are readily available in schools through the vending machines which dispense chips, sodas and other foods that are of low nutritional value to the children.

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Considering the fact that the products dispensed by the vending machines can be replaced by products that are of a healthier nature, it makes sense to remove this machines which dispense foods and drinks that may cause fatal conditions to the consumer as well as high medical expenses.

Who here thinks school canteens have responsibility to provide healthy foods to students?

Well I am here today to talk to you about why I feel so strongly that they are responsible.

While health issues such as childhood obesity can be attributed to a number of causes, the one major reason for obesity is overindulgence in unhealthy foods.

Vending machines have been known to encourage unhealthy eating since all the foods and drinks that are offered by vending machines are of little nutritional value therefore making children prone to obesity.


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