Henry Ford Research Paper

Ford was president of the company from 1906 to 1919, resuming this position from 1943 to 1945.

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His autobiography, “My Life and Work” written in conjunction with Samuel Crowther, was published in 1922.

Henry Ford suffered a stroke and went into retirement in 1945. The American Petroleum Institute awarded him its first Gold Medal for outstanding contributions to the welfare of humanity the same year.

Ford returned to Detroit in 1891, taking a position as night engineer for the Edison Electric Illuminating Company. By this time Ford’s interest had turned to self-propelled vehicles and he built a “Quadricycle”, which comprised of a light metal buggy frame mounted on four bicycle wheels and was powered by a two-cylinder, four-horsepower gasoline engine.

The fuel tank was under the seat and a tiller was used for steering.

When his mother died in 1876, he refused to take over the family farm deciding that he did not want to be a farmer.

Henry became an apprentice machinist in 1879, working in Detroit for three years.He then returned to the family farm in 1882 and worked for the Westinghouse Company as a steam engine repairman.In 1888 he married Clara Bryant, who had grown up on a nearby farm and they had one son Edsel, born in 1893.Born on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan on 30 July in 1863, Henry Ford was the eldest son of six children born to William and Mary Ford. Henry was educated at the local one-room school for eight years where he demonstrated an early interest in mechanical objects.His father gave him a pocket watch when he was fifteen.He sold the vehicle for 0 so enabling him to finance further projects.Ford and his partner, coal dealer Alexander Malcomson, founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903, and the company manufactured “practical automobiles”.Even at such a young age, Henry reassembled it and gained the reputation as a watch repairman.Spending his spare time in a small machine shop, Henry constructed his first steam engine in 1878.Henry Ford famously said Ford changed the way automobiles were designed and built, bringing in the first assembly-line factories for the mass production of vehicles in 1913.This later led to lower prices, and therefore caused a storm in automobile ownership throughout the United States and abroad.


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