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In their analysis, researchers adjusted for age, sex, race, income and cardiovascular risk to separate the effects from alcohol consumption from other factors with known links to hypertension.

Aladin said the study's large sample size likely helps explain why the findings appear to contrast with previous studies in this area.

The pattern among heavy drinkers was even more pronounced; relative to those who never drank, heavy drinkers were 69 percent more likely to have stage 1 hypertension and 2.4 times as likely to have stage 2 hypertension.

Overall, the average blood pressure was about 109/67 mm Hg among never-drinkers, 128/79 mm Hg among moderate drinkers and 153/82 mm Hg among heavy drinkers.

They assessed hypertension according to the 2017 ACC/AHA high blood pressure guideline, which defined Stage 1 hypertension as having systolic blood pressure between 130-139 or diastolic pressure between 80-89, and Stage 2 hypertension as having systolic pressure above 140 or diastolic pressure above 90.

Compared with those who never drank, moderate drinkers were 53 percent more likely to have stage 1 hypertension and twice as likely to have stage 2 hypertension."It's the first study showing that both heavy and moderate alcohol consumption can increase hypertension." Alcohol's impact on blood pressure could stem from a variety of factors, according to researchers.Because alcohol increases appetite and is, itself, very energy-dense, drinking often leads to greater caloric intake overall.Harmacodynamic equivalence study of ramipril 10 mg and atorvastatin 40 mg administered as a Cardiovascular Fixed Dose Combination Pill AAR as compared to monotherapy with the reference products Altace 10 mg and Lipitor 40 mg Receive Ramipril and Atorvastatin or Altace and Lipitor for the treatment of High Blood Pressure A Washington University research study seeks participants with high blood pressure that is not controlled well with medication.The purpose of the study is to provide additional information about the potential use of an investigational medical device to help treat high blood pressure in patients not well controlled with blood pressure medications. There is 1 screening visit that will last about 2 hours ...They plan to further analyze the data for insights on how demographic factors might influence the relationship between alcohol consumption and high blood pressure. Aladin will present the study, "Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Hypertension," on Sunday, March 17. "Moderate alcohol consumption linked with high blood pressure: Study among the first to suggest moderate drinking harms, rather than protects, heart health." Science Daily. To learn more and make choices about data use, visit our Advertising Policy and Privacy Policy.By clicking “Accept and Continue” below, (1) you consent to these activities unless and until you withdraw your consent using our rights request form, and (2) you consent to allow your data to be transferred, processed, and stored in the United States.Since hypertension is a leading risk factor for heart attack and stroke, the new study calls into question the notion that moderate alcohol consumption benefits heart health."I think this will be a turning point for clinical practice, as well as for future research, education and public health policy regarding alcohol consumption," said Amer Aladin, MD, a cardiology fellow at Wake Forest Baptist Health and the study's lead author.


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