How To Do A Research Paper In Mla Format

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The same one-inch margins are applied as to the standard text.

If you are required to print your paper, it is best to use the white A4 (8½” by 11”) size of decent quality.

The source of a table and any notes should be given immediately below the table in a caption.

Designate notes to the table with lowercase letters instead of numerals to avoid confusion between different types of notes.

I'm going to go ahead and type in a title here, “Of Zombies in American Fiction.” Okay, and I'll remove the subtitle. One way I like to do this quickly is, I'll select a line, I'll do Shift F3 until I get the initial caps for every word, and then I'll go through here and uncap the non-principal words here, like conjunctions and prepositions.

How To Do A Research Paper In Mla Format

Why students are so concerned about formatting of their academic papers? In this article, we are going to discuss this format, its main features, and essential rules that have to be met if you are hoping to receive an A for your work! You might have been told that there are specific requirements for formatting of your research paper and it is important that you check before you start preparing your final draft.

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Choose a font that is easily readable (it could be Times New Roman among others).

It means that the regular font should contrast clearly with the italics. It is not necessary to justify your text at the right margin but it is important to turn off a hyphenation feature, and you also need to ensure that your paper has double-space. It should be half inch from the left margin for each first line of every paragraph.

Also keep in mind that your set-off citations have to be indented the same way and you should always have one space after a period or another concluding punctuation mark, but only if your professor doesn’t ask you to have two spaces.


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