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If you are given an even number of terms in the set, then you must take the mean (average) of both middle numbers. First, arrange the numbers in order from least to greatest.3, 4, 7, 10, 12, 15 We have an even number of terms in our set, so we must take the average of the two middle terms.Even though there are only two options, it is easier to solve the probability problem by keeping the week divided into equal pieces–7 days. Another way to look at this is to write out the possible gender combinations.

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A probability tells you how likely something is to occur.

This doesn't mean that an event is guaranteed to happen, just if it is more or less likely to occur.

And we can test the probability easily–just toss a coin. Make it easier to keep the numbers straight by writing out the number when referring to a side of the die. We are looking at the probability of landing on black. There is a 1:4 or 25% chance of getting two heads in a row. The probability of flipping heads once is greater than the probability of flipping heads twice!

Coin Toss Experiment Dice are another great model for learning how to solve probability problems. For example write "three" instead of "3." Problem 3: What is the probability of landing on the black area? Even though there are only 3 different colors, dividing the circle into even sections makes handling the probability easier. What is the probability of tossing two heads in a row? When multiplying fractions, multiply the numerators (top numbers) and then the denominators (the bottom numbers). When we try to get two events to happen back to back, in a sequence, we lower the probability.

SAT questions are always tricky and knowing how to handle their version of these types of questions will serve you well as you go through your test.

This will be your complete guide to SAT means, medians, and modes—what they mean, how you'll see them on the test, and how to solve even the most complicated of SAT statistics questions.Fortunately, there's a way to solve the problem without having to write out 600 numbers! A random sample of fish were caught and marked in order to ensure that none were weighed more than once.You can put the numbers into groups based on the information you're given in the chart. The sample contained 150 largemouth bass, of which 30% weighed more than 2 pounds.Substituting the previous expressions for $m$ gives us: $[/ / /]/3$ We can simplify that fraction to $/$ Or $m 7$. This question is asking about the median which, as you know, we find by sorting the numbers in ascending order.There were a total of 600 data points collected (300 from each school) which means the median will be between the 300th and 301st numbers. Both the 300th and the 301st values are 1, so the median is 1. A study was done on the weights of different types of fish in a pond.The median in a set is the number directly in the middle of the set of numbers after they have been arranged in order.(Note: the number will be halfway into the set, but is NOT necessarily the mid-value.) For instance, in a set of numbers , the median would be 5 as it is in the middle of the set, despite the fact that 5 is NOT halfway between 2 and 99.You have probably dealt with with these concepts in your high school math classes but, as always, the SAT likes to put their own special twist on simple concepts such as these.Whether or not you are familiar with these terms and the techniques needed to find a mean, median, or mode, this guide is for you.We must find the sum of all the numbers and then divide that number by the total amount, which in this case is 5.$/5$ $=/5$ $=76.2$ The mean (average) test score is 72.6.


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