How To Write A Persuasive Speech On Gay Marriage

How To Write A Persuasive Speech On Gay Marriage-51
We live in a democratic society where we believe in equal rights don’t we?

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then I pray to God that nobody asks how Cain and Abel (Adam and Eve’s sons) had daughters, because I’m not sure what would be legal then.” God doesn’t judge which gender you love, he doesn’t judge at all.

All four of these places openly ban homosexual adoptions.

A heterosexual woman can get four or five marriages in her life, when two same-sex lovers can't even get one. Oh, religion, religion, religion, you crack us up in so many ways. Yet, you say: "God loves everyone." Yet, it's alright to SELL your children into slavery.

Yet, it's alright to DISCRIMINATE someone because he or she likes the same sex.

They claim that it’s a sin in the eyes of God, and that it’s their job to “stop it”, but God wants us to love one another equally.

They argue that it says in the bible that homosexuality is sinful, however in the Age article The Straight and Narrow, the writer, Elizabeth Skinner says “If Adam marrying Eve in the Bible has anything at all to do with marriage only being possible between a man and a woman…

The Law is obviously old and out-dated, as the values of the community have changed since it was originally made.

It discriminates against us, when we are only being ourselves.

People say we are the unnatural ones, when in reality; they are the ones being unnatural, as the People who are fighting against gay marriage are hypocrites.

They preach equality and anti-discrimination, but at the same time they discriminate against homosexuals.


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