Human Resources Business Plan Sample

Consultant and Company shall at all times be deemed to be independent contractors and nothing herein shall be construed to create or imply that there exists between the parties a partnership, joint venture or other combined business organization.Consultant shall hold no authority, express or implied, to commit, obligate or make representations on behalf of Company and shall make no representation to others to the contrary.Company] with HR services will allow you to focus on your main task- growing [Client. Panda Tip: Show that you’ve listened to your client by adding plenty of detail to this section. Company] has expressed an immediate need for a partner experienced in HR principles. Company] will provide full payroll support, including payroll management, direct deposit, & tax remitting & filing. Company] Human Resources files and processes, including financial accounts.

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As consideration for the Services, and upon the submission of monthly invoices, within the payment terms stipulated herein, the Company shall pay Consultant at the rates or in accordance with the milestone payment schedule set forth on purchase order(s) issued by Company or in the Statement of Work, for such Services as are actually rendered by Consultant and accepted by the Company.

In no event, however, shall Consultant perform, or receive compensation for: (a) additional services not set forth in the Statement of Work without a formal, bilateral modification to the Statement of Work encompassing such additional services; (b) services involving contingency payments prohibited by any applicable law or regulation or by the Company’s contract; or (c) services rendered that result in billings to the Company that are in excess of [NTE.

Amount] which is the total ceiling value or not-to-exceed (NTE) value for this Agreement.

If expressly provided for in the Statement of Work and expressly not included in the firm-fixed-price that may be established in the Statement of Work, Company shall reimburse Consultant for reasonable and necessary out-of-pocket travel and other miscellaneous expenses relating to this Agreement, which are incurred at the direction of, and upon the prior written approval of, the Company.

The concept has a name for a reason- it’s a real problem that thousands of company presidents and CEOs face each day.

If you fall into this trap at your company, you’ll almost certainly fail to reach your goals.Panda Tip: A detailed, interactive table of contents makes your proposal easier to navigate.If you add or delete sections from this template, be sure to refresh the TOC before sending your proposal using the menu on the right. First Name], Human Resources is essential to corporate governance.Try customizing the one in this template by adding additional items, optional items, and discounts! Company] offers our services based on hourly rates, with a not-to-exceed (NTE) amount agreed to for each month by both parties.This allows us to provide a flexible HR solution that constantly evolves to meet your needs. Company] for related pre-approved travel and expenses at cost, with no markup.Company] is uniquely qualified to help you overcome these challenges. Company] is prepared to offer the services detailed below at an affordable monthly cost. We’ll also work to ensure your company is fully compliant with all relevant regulations, including the Affordable Care Act and Workers’ Compensation Requirements. Company] will deploy a thorough performance management program designed to encourage talent and leadership development within [Client. We will perform regular evaluations, and enact training programs that allow employees to become proficient in skills that are of value to [Client. We will also work with you to provide feedback gathered during the previous year to inform strategic decisions for the coming year.Panda Tip: Panda Doc’s pricing tables are extremely flexible.The regulations that affect how a company hires, communicates, and compensates employees change constantly, and to stay abreast of these regulations is a full-time job in and of itself.When you’re tasked with navigating a company to growth and success, you absolutely must have an HR partner you can trust to watch over your regulatory affairs. It states that 20% of your employees will demand 80% of your time as the company’s leader.Company may withhold any amounts in an invoice that are in dispute, are contrary to the requirements of this Section 3, or are not substantiated by proper receipts.Payments made to Consultant shall not constitute or be construed as acceptance of any of the Services performed by Consultant under this Agreement.


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