Hunger S Catching Fire Book Report

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Collins finally separates herself from the long shadow of Koshun Takami and Stephen King as she ventures beyond the contained realm of the Arena, creating a story of larger scale with the simmering of political rebellion and questioning of the Capitol’s control.

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Fighting involves primitive weaponry, hand-to-hand combat, poisoning, and spearings and stabbings.

The futuristic government that sponsors the event terrorizes and tortures citizens that revolt.

Violence is plentiful, but not gory or graphic in detail.

Cinna, an important secondary character, is beaten and tortured as a suspected rebel.

Katniss’s act of defiance affects even the Capitol, as some of the city-folk adopt her mockingjay as a fashion statement, and even begin to sympathize with the young heroine.

While the worldbuilding is fantastic, the plotting is similarly impeccable.

Why did I read this book: , book 1, was one of the most talked about books last year as it had massive young adult and adult crossover appeal.

A dystopian, future speculative fiction novel, of course I had to read it – and I liked it. And there are whispers of a rebellion against the Capitol — a rebellion that Katniss and Peeta may have helped create.

But Katniss’s symbolic act of defiance in the Arena has dramatic, unforseen consequences as she has incurred the wrath of those in power, earning her a visit from President Snow himself.

Katniss never could have expected that her small challenge with a handful of berries could have had such a dramatic effect, but she learns from an irate President Snow that other districts are taking her lead as rebellion stirs in Panem.


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