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While exact health costs cannot be easily gauged, it is known that smoking causes a variety of chronic diseases including cancer, heart disease, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and others.Any significant reduction in the incidence of such diseases provides significant long-term savings to the healthcare system.

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It is thus recommended that the Health Ministry consider establishing a policy that encourages the implementation of a program such as this on a larger scale in order to help reduce the number of teenage smokers in the U.

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In this case, the savings are five times the cost of the intervention.

In terms of overall policy impact, this analysis indicates that an Internet-based intervention to reduce teenage smoking in UAE adolescents is both cost-effective and significantly reduces long-term health costs for the healthcare system.This proposed system also has the advantage of being fairly easy to scale upward.While this pilot study involved only 50 participants, because of the nature of Internet-based interventions, expanding that by a factor of 10 or even 100 presents few technological issues.The results of the cost effectiveness analysis are shown in the figure on the next page.For this case, the goal was to reduce teen smoking in the UAE. First, the Internet-based intervention, and second no unusual intervention beyond normal health care.The effectiveness cost of the intervention (for 50 participants) is estimated to be: Outcome savings – cost of intervention = ,000 - 00 = , 900 For the non-intervention group (for 50 participants): Outcome savings – cost of intervention = 50 - 10 = 0 The intervention generates almost ,000 of savings, compared to the 0 generated by the non-intervention group.Thus, it makes more sense to continue with the intervention. There are, of course, other impacts of the smoking issue.It is very difficult for a small sample to determine both the probability of developing a major disease as a result of smoking, or the cost of that disease; thus those factors are not feasible to use in this analysis.The most direct outcome measurement available is simply the number of teenagers who actually quit.If you encounter any difficulties with composing your work on smoking, use the papers of other students to your advantage and create your own piece by the example.Using your favorite search engine is the easiest way to find the necessary example.


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