Interest In Medicine Essay

If choosing a new topic, do some online research to understand the basis of knowledge and current medical practice regarding that medical issue so that you are able to answer intelligently.

The complexity of healthcare delivery increasingly requires interdisciplinary teamwork.

All of these components require significant teamwork skills.

Think of a unique time when you worked in a team effectively.

If you are taking a gap year and will not be enrolled in classes during the application year, explain in detail what experiences you will have during that time.

For each experience, explain how this will help you grow and become a better medical school candidate, which is the most important goal of the gap year in the admissions committee’s eyes. If you are continuing prior experience from the AMCAS primary (which can be difficult to avoid given the nature of some secondary questions), try to adopt a new angle or describe a different aspect of the experience than has been presented before. Have you experienced academic difficulties, had any grades below “B minus,” or any course withdrawals while in college? In this space, provide brief details regarding academic difficulties, grades below “B minus,” or course withdrawals.Focus on the lessons you will learn and skills you will gain during the time off. (2000 char)Do not feel compelled to answer this question, but if there is a portion of the application which needs clarification it is reasonable to do so.Be sure to not sound like a victim and not to make excuses, but be honest in description of the circumstances and reasons for this issue.Think about the opportunities the location provides in terms of clinical experience and social experience as well.Be sure to tailor your answer to the unique aspects of UCF COM.That would be ideal, as you likely already have the necessary basis of knowledge and can make the answer more personal.Make sure you do not repeat prior content from the primary application.Choose an occasion where you took a leadership role. Consider prior job experience, work in extracurricular groups, or other endeavors in sports or music as stated in the prompt.Show that you were an effective leader, but also that you were humble and willing to adapt and work with people whose opinions differed from your own.This essay should be different from your AMCAS Personal Statement.UCF COM places great value on the broad diversity of our students within the classroom.


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