Introduction To A Compare And Contrast Essay

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Thesis statement Finally, to wrap up your intro, you want to express the specific aspects you’re comparing and contrasting.

Thesis statement Finally, to wrap up your intro, you want to express the specific aspects you’re comparing and contrasting.This provides a clear idea of where your essay is going. Moving forward seems impossible, and self-doubt creeps in.

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The compare and contrast essays give you an opportunity to write about the similarities and differences of the two selected objects.

The comparison concentrates on similar points and contrast points out the differences.

The point-by-point comparison focuses on comparing and contrasting one aspect about both subjects at the same time.

It’s typically easier for readers to follow this structure. To keep things simple, I’ll use a 5-paragraph essay structure to create a compare and contrast essay outline.

To achieve it use powerful topic sentences serving as transitions between the sections of the essay.

Make the compare and contrast essay logical and at the same vivid and varied in structure employ different transitions.The law of attraction says they do, but is this phenomenon limited to humans?It’s definitely not, nor is it limited to romantic relationships.The outline consists of three parts: Now that you have the basic structure down, let’s break down the components using my two favorite four-legged beasts: Molly and Morgan. Introduction to the main topic To introduce your main topic, you ideally want to start with a hook sentence and then detail the specifics of the topic itself.The introduction is where you introduce your topic both in broad and specific terms. The thesis statement provides the main point of or ideas within your essay. Comparing and contrasting Morgan and Molly, my opening lines to introduce the topic might read something like this:“Do opposites really attract?(For this reason, it’s usually a good idea to write the introduction last.) Since that’s done, we’ll move on to Part B, the body paragraphs.Since I’m focusing on just three aspects about Molly and Morgan, I’ll have three body paragraphs.The following transitions are recommended: after all, against, although, but, by comparison, compared to, however, in contrast, meanwhile, where, yet.One of the most common mistakes is giving too many details to one object and thus neglecting the other.At the beginning of your essay you should classify similarities and differences of the objects.Introduction also contains a thesis that reveals the purpose of the essay.


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