Lord Of The Flies Loss Of Innocence Thesis

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It tells us that they have become such 'devils' their own sin has overwhelmed them and they are no longer innocent boys as they were when they first landed on this island. They are as Golding would probably would say, Devilish Savages.

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Piggy is killed when Roger releases a very large rock and it plunges him to his death. Piggy fell forty feet and landed on his back..head opened and stuff came out and turned red." ..more.

Middle Golding writes "He passed like a shadow under the darkness of the tree and crouched, looking down at the trodden ground at his feet." The effect of the words 'shadow' and 'darkness' suggest a sense of evil in Jack and his behaviour as Jack was the leader in the killing of the Christ-like figure Simon, showing us his loss of innocence.

Even Piggy, he was repeatedly tormented by jack, having tension.

The theme power was poison to Ralph and Jacks mind until the very end.

It took four boys, Ralph, Piggy, Jack, and Simon along with three items, the conch shell, a pair of glasses, and Castle Rock, to decide their fate.

Who will outlast the other before the fire signals a rescue ship?The island can be compared to the Garden of Eden as it is also described as paradise before Adam and Eve ruin it. Conclusion The painted faces are emblematic of their constant decline into savagery and their continuous movement away from innocence.The effect of Golding saying 'looked down from behind his paint' suggests that the boys are using the paint to cover up what they normally are the paint is a stepping stone into helping them becoming even more evil and savage. A very good answer to the question showing knowledge and understanding of the novel.He writes "...behind the tribe and the anonymous devils' face swarmed across the neck." This is very effective as it indicates to the reader that Golding now I confirming the boys are drenched in Original sin as he labels them 'devils' after they have killed Piggy.The innocence of the boys is lost as two of the boys are killed by other boys on the island.Like Piggy, the reader nor the boys knew his real name, everyone just called him Piggy.Then once he died, how will his family be able to know what happened to him once the other boys were rescued?It made him want to continue hunting more and more.When one boy asked what would happen when the food ran out Jack simply thought the little useless boys would fit the bill.When stranded on an island fighting for power seems exceeded, while loss of innocence was extreme, and loss of identity could become fatal; these three major themes are what brought the reader into the fight for survival in Lord of the Files.A taste of power can quickly take hold of the mind, causing it to do unspeakable things.


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