Marx Doctoral Dissertation

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The last years of his life were the period when he produced some of his most important writings.Although Marx was not considered a famous figure in the world during his lifetime, shortly after his death, his thoughts shaped the world labor movement.The Marxist Bolsheviks’ realization of the October Revolution in Russia is the biggest example of this.As explained in our book, , (Monthly Review Press, 2008), this has reignited a 2,500-year debate between materialism and creationism, science and design.The argument from design (the attempt to discern evidence of design in nature, thereby the existence of a Designer) can be dated back to Socrates in the fifth century BCE.Marx's doctoral dissertation offers an unparalleled opportunity to look at the philosophical worldview of one of the 19th century's greatest thinkers.Absolutely invaluable as a picture of the environment in which his more mature thinking was fostered, this first ever single-volume edition of Marx's first writings includes letters and notes written at the time of his thesis that give a real sense of the historical context from whence Marxist theory came.Karl Marx (1818-83) was born in the city of Trier, Prussia, in a middle-class Jewish family.Marks first studied at the University of Bonn, then at the University of Berlin.While the opposing materialist view (that the world is explained in terms of itself, by reference to material conditions, natural laws, and contingent, emergent phenomena, and not by the invocation of the supernatural) to which Socrates was responding also dates back to the fifth century BCE in the writings of the atomists Leucippus and Democritus.The latter perspective was developed philosophically into a full-fledged critique of design by Epicurus in the third century BCE, which later influenced the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century.


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