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All students must confirm that they will abide by the rules of good scientific practice when registering their Master’s or Magister thesis or dissertation.

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I am going to discuss the issue of helping poor people in the context of ethics.

In my thesis, I will firstly state the standard of absolute poverty, which will be the main focus in the remainder of the text.

I will try to present and assess the effectiveness of the alternative arguments by other philosophers that avoid these criticisms and that try to support the aid in a different way.

The main question in my thesis in whether we have any moral obligation to help the poor people around the world.

These guidelines contain the internal procedures of the Faculty for Business, Economics and Statistics (hereinafter “Faculty”) for students and supervisors regarding the process of development for Master’s Theses as well as for the cooperation between students and supervisors.

These guidelines aim to standardize and achieve a common understanding of this academic accomplishment within the Faculty.

An innovation is established when it reflects this definition.

The magnitude or importance of the innovation does not matter as long as the “added value” is not negligible.

All formalities can be found in the Ordinance: Formal requirements for scientific papers.

Please note that due to the anonymization of the data for the plagiarism control, no personal data (e.g.


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