Nurture Vs Nature Essay

Nurture Vs Nature Essay-10
Thesis Seemingly, there is a consensus on that fact that nurture and nature, however, are among the most debated issues among different persuasions.However, the role both play in our lives is critical and therefore they cannot be separated.

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Introduction The contestation of nature versus nurture rages on as scholars and philosophers alike take different standpoints in regards to the difference between nature and nurture.

This is also the point at which nurture definition plus nature definition is given in length.

To define nurture is essentially to understand that nurturing begins right from the time a child is born to the time he is able to independently make a decision or take care of him/her.

If a child demonstrates love, this is partly because of the affection he/she got from the parents; therefore, parenting is a key aspect of nurturing.

But, it is important to remember that our mixture in terms of genes and the family tree plays the role in conserving the nature of trait we have.

For example, other than when one is affected by an accident, he/she will grow to the height that the genes dictate.

The code of nature has it that a person's genetic features are gotten from their ancestry because it matches to a greater degree that of the family tree.

The physical appearances, as well as our susceptibility to some health issues, can be attributed to genetic factors and its mixture.

However, the disorders associated with the brain are attributable to how these two factors interact (nature and nurture).

Culture and genetic mixtures create a common platform where one draws some of the traits they later apply in life, and that is why an encounter with a negative platform will not be isolated to the side of one aspect (to either nature or nurture) but will jointly influence a person's life.


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