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About the girl–I don’t know of course what you think about her, but perhaps if I should tell you a little about her as I know her, it might clear your feeling about her.She grew up in an atmosphere of fighting and suspicion.

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This gives an interesting insight, particularly in terms of her sexual experiences.

To Claire Luce Los Gatos [1938] Dear Miss Luce: Annie Laurie says you are worried about your playing of the part of Curley’s wife although from the reviews it appears that you are playing it marvelously.

And any show of fear or weakness brought an instant persecution. And automatically she became hardest when she was most frightened. No man has ever considered her as anything except a girl to try to make.

She has never talked to a man except in the sexual fencing conversation. I have a feeling that you know all this and that you are doing all this.

This is a link to the brilliant Of Mice and Men playlist by Mr Bruff.

This features a range of videos which focus on different aspects of the novella.Thesis Statement / Essay Topic #1: The Needs Served by Relationships All human beings develop relationships with others because those relationships fill particular needs.Those needs may be physical, economic, psychological, or social.If anyone–a man or woman–ever gave her a break–treated her like a person–she would be a slave to that person. You can start wherever you like but you need to cover everything if you’re aiming for the top grades.Her craving for contact is immense but she, with her background, is incapable of conceiving any contact without some sexual context. I’ve known this girl and I’m just trying to tell you what she is like. Key areas are: – close analysis of language; analysis of function in the whole text – foreshadowing, foregrounding, mirroring, symbolism, catalyst…This was harped on so often that it became a fixation. She had only that one thing to sell and she knew it.Now, she was trained by threat not only at home but by other kids.George and Lennie’s relationship is presented as the antithesis of the loneliness experienced by archetypal itinerant workers.Steinbeck’s characterisation of Curley’s Wife as a lonely woman, starved of affection, reflects social attitudes towards women and their lack of importance in a ‘work’ context. Steinbeck offers Curley’s Wife’s ‘backstory’ as he imagined it.Quite early she learned that she must never trust any one but she was never able to carry out what she learned.A natural trustfulness broke through constantly and every time it did, she got her. She was told over and over that she must remain a virgin because that was the only way she could get a husband.


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