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At the start of the deployment, Oracle HRMS automatically creates or updates employee records in the destination business group.

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Using databases with R is a broad subject and there is more work to be done. Part of that vision was to create a website where you can find everything about databases and R in one place. db Get Query(con,' select "month_idx", "year", "month", sum(case when "term_deposit" = \'yes\' then 1.0 else 0.0 end) as subscribe, count(*) as total from "bank" group by "month_idx", "year", "month" ')``` SELECT "month_idx", "year", "month", SUM(CASE WHEN ("term_deposit" = 'yes') THEN (1.0) ELSE (0.0) END) AS "subscribe", COUNT(*) AS "total" FROM ("bank") GROUP BY "month_idx", "year", "month" ``` that is hundreds of lines long, then a SQL code chunk might be a good option.

Another benefit is that the SQL code in a code chunk is highlighted, making it very easy to read.

Approvers can return an action to any previous approver for correction.

Any approver on the chain with appropriate permissions can update an action, even change the effective date.

Personnel Actions are business activities that define and document the status and conditions of employment, such as hiring, training, placement, discipline, promotion, transfer, compensation, or termination.

Personnel Actions fall into three overall types: Oracle Self Service Human Resources (SSHR) provides a configurable set of tools and web flows for initiating, approving, and managing these activities.You can start using a session variable without declaration by just assigning a value.You can assign a string or numeric value to the same session variable.Oracle HRMS provides a search criterion called Business Group in addition to the existing criteria in the Find window of any people management template.This criterion enables you to search for employees belonging to one or more business groups.See: Using SSHR for Workforce Sourcing and Deployment, Oracle Self-Service Human Resources Deploy Self-Service Capability Guide Oracle HRMS and Oracle HR Intelligence (HRI) provide a range of reports to track your workforce deployment.For example: Using Oracle HRMS you can hold, inquire on, and track a wide range of personal information.In addition to the workforce information you enter, you can set up flexfields to capture information unique to your enterprise.For example, you can define Special Information Types to hold employee disciplinary records and Extra Information Types to record data required by your localization such as birth certificate details.You can enter, maintain, report, and inquire about all aspects of employment information.Oracle HRMS enables you to enter and track people from the day they apply for a job to the day they leave your enterprise. Not every enterprise holds the same information about its workforce, so you can configure Oracle HRMS using descriptive flexfields, Extra Information Types, and Special Information Types to record everything you need to know.


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