Origins Of Cold War Essay

Origins Of Cold War Essay-90
The US President had a personal dislike of the Soviet leader Josef Stalin.America was annoyed by the Soviet Union’s actions in the part of Germany it had occupied.

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Although the non-communists could still gain some votes, most of the votes went to the communists.

In late 1946, the French and Italian Communists were becoming the most powerful parties in France and Italy.

The reactions of the United States: Despite the increasing Russian influence in eastern and central Europe, many politicians in the United States were optimistic about the chances of co-operation with the Soviet Union after the war and did not advocate strong resistance against Russian expansion. government favored a policy of strong resistance against Russia.

But from May 1945 onwards, the situation was changed. Poor relations between the United States and the Soviet Union: The deteriorating relations between the Soviet Union and the United States were reflected in two minor incidents in the year. supplied much war material to the Allied nations through a Lend and Lease programme.

In the United States, the government was elected by free elections unlike the Soviet Union.

The people could form political parties to voice their political opinions.

(Callaghan et al, 2007) Russian historians blamed Churchill (the British Prime Minister) and Truman (the American president, 1945-1953).

They said Truman and Churchill wanted to destroy the USSR, which was just defending itself.

Their conflict was intensified after President Truman declared the Truman Doctrine and launched the Marshall Plan in 1947.

Extension of Russian influence in Europe: Even before the end of the war, the Soviet Union had gradually extended her influence in Europe.


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