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In the two survey rounds, online surveys were emailed to one senior person of the organisation participating in the Partnership (2013: 14 organisations; 2014: 11 organisations).The surveys collected data on respondent perceptions of the Partnership as well as social network relationship data.Much is known about partnership characteristics and factors that are needed for successful relationships (6).

Partners' contribution of resources reflected their active involvement.

There was a high level of agreement on the achievement of the key goals of the Partnership, showing shared sense-making amongst partners.

The aim of this study was to apply social network methods to assess collaboration and functioning of the Partnership at two time-points.

Methods: A social network analysis (SNA) survey was conducted in early 2013, with a follow-up survey in mid-2014.

Across the N8 universities there is vast experience in the life sciences sector, while the north is one of Europe’s most vibrant hubs for the life sciences industry, supporting 1000 businesses and 38,000 high skilled jobs.

View This programme is a cross-institution initiative to bring disease and patient knowledge to bear with a coherent platform of evidence and to identify new disease intervention opportunities for medicines.

The aim of this study was to apply network methods to evaluate collaborative aspects of a research partnership at two time-points, mid-term and in its final year of operation.

A research partnership is defined in this paper as having a shared governance and management structure between the partners to achieve shared goals.

Network diagrams show key structural positions by organisational type, the frequency and intensity of interactions and the strengths and potential vulnerabilities in the partnership network, with comparisons at two time points for the partnership.

Conclusions: The study found that the Partnership was effective in securing collaboration across its partners.


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