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CONDUCTING THE LIT REVIEW Once you've identified a topic, the next step is to write a review of the literature in the area.

The lit review section will include a brief introduction to your topic, introduce key concepts and review the existing literature.

PDF Performance Validity Testing for Individuals with Limited English Proficiency, Kelly An PDF The effects of an Internet-delivered mindfulness-based intervention on perceived stress, psychological symptoms, and emotion regulation, Molly Cairncross PDF SELFIES ON SOCIAL MEDIA: THE ROLE OF APPEARANCE CONTINGENT SELF-WORTH AND IMPACT ON SELF-ESTEEM, Felicia M.

Kandasamy PDF Contributions of Emotional Competence to the Link between Childhood Maltreatment and Adult Attachment, Ashley Erica Mlotek PDF Interpersonal rejection and self-affirmation: The moderating effect of body weight contingent self-worth on women’s body image evaluation, Lauren M.

Without trying other keywords, she would have missed key information on "delinquency" and "conduct disorders," which use similar criteria to define the population.

Jennifer Reese-a fourth-year doctoral student in the Psy D program at the University of Denver-used what she calls the "scavenger hunt" approach for her lit review; she scanned reference sections of relevant books and journal articles and then found those referenced sources as well.An experimental study on the roles of anger and sadness, Tsubasa Sawashima PDF Emotional Intelligence and Personality Traits: Assessing Response Distortion in a Motivated Faking Task, Gabriela Sheinin PDF Explaining Intentions to Seek Mental Health Services among Black Canadians, Renee Taylor PDF Young Children’s Use of Mobile Technology: Impacts on Self-Regulation and Aggression, Amy Wei-Yan Tran PDF The relationship between semantic and episodic memory: Exploring the effect of semantic neighbourhood density on episodic memory, Daniela Wong Gonzalez PDF Identification and Characterization of Neuropsychological Phenotypes in Sport-Related Concussion, Brandon Gerald Zuccato PDF Mindfulness as a Protective Factor Against Body Dissatisfaction: Mechanism of Action, Jessica Barrington PDF WEIGHT-BASED DEROGATORY MEDIA: PREDICTORS OF MEDIA SELECTION, IMPACT OF EXPOSURE, AND THE MODERATING ROLE OF MALADAPTIVE APPEARANCE INVESTMENT, Katelyn Elizabeth Boersma PDF The Effects of Thinspiration and Fitspiration on Body Satisfaction and Appearance Self-Esteem Are Equivalent and Mediated by Appearance Comparisons, Nicole Amy-Lee Dignard PDF Experiencing and Responding to Self-Discrepant Autobiographical Memories, Fiona Dyshniku PDF Physiological, Psychological, and Behavioural Sequelae of Concussion in a Classical Conditioning Paradigm, Sabrina Freund PDF Obesity and Eating Disorders: Perceptions of Dieting Behaviours, Sandra Gotovac PDF Assessing the Concurrent Validity of a Novel Performance-Based Task of Executive Functioning, Bryanna Graves PDF Psychological and Academic Entitlement: Psychosocial and Cultural Predictors and Relationships with Psychological Well-Being, Siqi Huang PDF The Use of Assistive Technology in School-Aged Children with Learning Disorders, Lynette Renee Kivisto PDF SOCIAL MODEL OF ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION: THE INFLUENCE OF VALUES, BELIEFS, AND NORMS ON INDIVIDUAL, PUBLIC, AND COLLECTIVE PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL BEHAVIOUR, Natalia Koustova PDF Factors Associated with Distress in Caregivers of People with Personality Disorders, Paige Brianne Lamborn PDF CULTURAL MISTRUST AND RESPONSES OF BLACK CANADIANS TO SUBTLE AND OVERT RACIAL DISCRIMINATION IN EXPERIMENTAL VIGNETTES, Miea Moon PDF Implications of Parenting Behaviour and Adolescent Attachment for Understanding Adolescent Sexting, Julie Margaret Norman PDF Elucidating the Effect of Mother-Child Interactional Synchrony: Relations between Synchrony, Mutuality, Parenting Attitudes, and Preschool Adjustment, Cassandra Pasiak PDF Assessing the Effects of Survey Instructions and Physical Attractiveness on Careless Responding in Online Surveys, Carolyn M.Rauti PDF The Development of a Scale to Detect Feigned Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adults, Sanya Sagar PDF Are Normally-Distributed Dark Triad Traits Associated with Trait Mindfulness in University Students?Nate Tomcik-a fifth-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the University of Tennessee-has an interest in his research on therapists' views of couples therapy because it allowed him to integrate research with his clinical work with couples."My advice would be to not choose a topic that is an unappealing offshoot of your adviser's work or a project that you have lukewarm feelings about in general," Tomcik suggests.Howard PDF Improving Diagnostic Accuracy in HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders, Jessica Hurtubise PDF Optimism - Is the Conceptual Glass Half-Empty (or Half-Full), Phillip A.Ianni PDF Family Quality of Life for Parents of Children with Autism: The Role of Social Support and Unsupportive Social Interactions, Jenna Brooke Jones PDF JUST BREATHE: MINDFULNESS, SELF-REGULATION, AND CARDIAC REACTIVITY, Marta Kadziolka PDF Stress, Coping, and Religiosity among Recent Syrian Refugees in Canada, Sara Keshavarzi PDF The Relationship between Fat Stereotypes and Body Dissatisfaction in Normal Weight Women: A Mediated Moderation Model, Jean Kim PDF Group Separation and Classification of Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in a University Student Population, Jann Mac Isaac PDF Processing Concrete and Abstract Relationships in Word Pairs, Simritpal Kaur Malhi PDF Examining Semantic Effects in Conceptual Combination, Tara Mc Auley PDF Effects of Cognitive Functioning on Diabetes Self-Care in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Michelle Monette PDF The Word Frequency Effect: Relationship of Lexical Entries Between the Primary and Secondary Language, Nawal Mustafa PDF Demographic and Psychiatric Correlates of Performance Validity Profiles of Individuals Assessed Subsequent to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Shayna Hannah Nussbaum PDF INVESTIGATING MIND WANDERING IN UNIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY SAMPLES, Dragana Ostojic PDF Same-Race and Other-Race Eyewitness Identification Accuracy - The Bracket Lineup is as Good as Old, Lisa Pascal PDF Cannabis-associated Impairments in Autobiographical Memory Specificity and the Fading Affect Bias, Daniel Pillersdorf PDF The Search for Feedback: Matching Personal Values with Organizational Support, Lisa Plant PDF Substance Use and Sexual Risk Taking in Emerging Adults with a History of Bullying Victimization, Daniel Provenzano PDF Base rates of failure and classification accuracy of various performance validity tests administered in a medical-legal setting, Jaspreet Kaur Rai PDF Concussion History and Behavioural Problems in Child and Adolescent Athletes, Robin Jessica Richardson PDF Gauge Your Gambling: The Acceptability and Feasibility of a Brief Online Motivational Enhancement for Non-Treatment Seeking Problem Gamblers, Amanda Elizabeth Roberta Robinson PDF Violent Video Gaming, Parent and Child Risk Factors, and Aggression in School-Age Children, Erin Romanchych PDF Online Help Seeking in Emerging Adults: The Role of Attachment Style, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Disclosure, Emily Romanson PDF How is shame resolved?"It is helpful to choose a topic that builds upon past work you have done," Ernst says."I think this makes the process of identifying the big questions much easier because you are already familiar with the relevant literature." But, make sure you have passion for the topic."It's important to remember that the dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint, and lukewarm feelings can turn cold quickly."If I didn't love my dissertation idea as much as I do, I know it would have been much harder to stay on track and focused," he adds.


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