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However, some topics might proof a bit challenging especially when searching for materials.Identify an area where materials are easily available and where assistance will not be required.

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Copying music or film is not really a big crime that we should focus on, there are lots more serious crimes that cause death or extreme life-changes.

'Stealing' is a wrong word to describe piracy, copying music wouldn't really do any harm to the producer or singer, there are lots of people already buying the music or film and whoever made it has earned lots of money for it already.

These tricks help you to avoid pitfalls that slow down your working speed and compromise your score.

Here are tested ways to complete the paper without assistance.

Working on an essay without assistance builds your confidence, an important aspect especially when taking tests.

However, to manage this, you need to learn certain tricks.

Despite piracy being undoubtedly a crime, there are situations when it might actually be helpful to the ones being "robbed" of their property.

In cases of media, that are still quite expensive could giving them for free result in a growth of customers and thus eventually raise the profit.

A sample is a copy of the essay you are expected to produce.

It helps you in among other areas, crafting your title, developing a strong introduction, formatting, citations, etc. It is even better if it contains comments by the teacher.


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