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And don’t even get me started on how petrifying the landing would be.

And don’t even get me started on how petrifying the landing would be.

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Stories from the Ancient Greeks through 18th century Europe tell similar tales of men fashioning wings from wood, feathers, and cloth imitating birds before leaping from towers, hills, or cliffs.

This fascination to soar through the sky continues to this day, and the men and women of ski jumping continue the millennia-old tradition of falling with style.

The goals are to minimize air and snow resistance in order to gain speed and momentum before takeoff.

There are multiple ways ski jumpers minimizes resistance while skiing down the ramp. They bend their knees into a crouch to minimize drag by decreasing the surface area of their body in contact with the air.

It also helps them reach their greatest speed, because after they leave the ground, there is nothing more they can do as far as gaining speed goes.

When they launch into the air, they position their skis into a V-shape, which science has proven to increase their lift by about 30 percent. Science says that the “crash” is less impactful if the skier lands on a slope that is sloping away from them.The result is the jumpers ability to go farther down the jump and closer to the end in image (B).The Olympian ideal of going faster, jumping further and leaping higher than the opposition is central to competitive sports.Points are deducted for every meter short of the K line they land and added for every meter farther than the line.The normal hill in the 2018 Olympics is a K98, and the K line is 98 m from the end of the jump.Much like that of the image (A) below, a ski jumper will follow will follow the same path starting at the top of (h).However, for slow motion drag is not included in the acceleration, only gravity.The objective of ski jumping is to jump as far down the hill as possible, but as Woody said, ski jumping is not simply flying as far as the athlete can. Ski jumpers are judged on style and distance in reference to the K line.K line comes from the German word “kritisch,” which means critical.The way they fly down a hill at speeds topping 60 mph to launch through the air for longer than a football field astounds me.The way they contort their bodies so they are at a nearly 10-degree angle off their skies mystifies me.


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