Plato And Christianity Essay

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The Biblical hope, however, in sending the Messiah (Genesis ) would be that Messiah would undo the works of the devil (1 John 3:8), which includes not only redeeming mankind from the penalty of sin, but also restoring God’s physical creation to its perfect state before the Fall.

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The soul is then free to live in the realm of pure forms.

And there, it “can behold the absolute Good, the Pure Form.” What does Plato’s view of heaven have to do with Christianity?

There’s something very wrong with the popular view of heaven today both inside and outside the church. It’s largely an unfamiliar, non-Earth like environment where everything remains the same.

It’s seen as a purely spiritual place without time and space, where there’s nothing to do but float around and gaze at God.

His parable asserts that all human beings are chained in darkness, believing reality to be the things that we see around us.

But there is a higher reality that exists beyond, and if we could just be set free and experience it, we would understand that it is far better, because it is the actual true reality of which everything is but a shadow.It will be a fascinating place where we get to spend , at which time the earth and the entire universe was changed.At that time “the creation was subjected to frustration.” (Romans ) The universe which was previously declared by God to be good (Genesis ) had been subjected to entropy as the direct result of man’s disobedience, and would from that time undergo a breaking down process.As a result, Plato wanted to set people free from their bondage to this world.In his Parable of the Cave, he explains how a person could be set free from bondage to the shadows of this world by becoming aware of the higher reality of forms.This is the basis for Plato’s phrase “soma ” which means the body is a prison or tomb for the soul.To Plato, salvation occurs when the soul is set free from this prison-body.While the idea of being set free from our bodies might be tantalizing to some, the Bible presents a vastly different concept of heaven.According to the Bible, heaven is actually a restoration of our physical universe, one which includes a new, resurrected Earth.Instead of dwelling in an abstract, otherworldy place, this newly resurrected Earth will be familiar to us, only much better.It will be a place where culture and society continue to enjoy being productive.


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