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This subreddit is focused on the discussion of conlangs, tools and activities to aid you in the construction of your own conlang, and creating a community environment where we can all enjoy conlanging together.This article deals with the order of verbal suffixes in Adyghe, a polysynthetic language of the Caucasus.

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Really almost everything is marked on the verb, nouns only have derivational morphology, adjectives agree with their nouns but are otherwise undeclined. Some people use it synonymously with highly synthetic, but others define polysynthetic languages to have certain abstract morphosyntactic properties (c.f. Yansai is highly synthetic and shares some things in common with languages that might be considered polysynthetic, but I haven't decided if it has features like polypersonal agreement and noun incorporation yet. Unless you want to dig into some theory - not much.

There are different definitions of "polysynthetic" and the casual one is any language that has (what you, the describer, think is) an unusually synthetic morphology.

The book is rich in A classic on the nature of polysynthetic languages.

The book is rich in data and classical argumentation, and provide a comprehensive description of Mohawk syntax at the same time. After nearly 500 pages of careful scientific empirical research, Baker concludes that the only possible explanation for the existence of a macro parameter is the tower of Babel.

Some authors apply it to languages with high morpheme-to-word ratios, whilst others use it for languages that are highly head-marking, or those that frequently use noun incorporation.

At the same time, the question of whether to call a particular language polysynthetic is complicated by the fact that morpheme and word boundaries are not always clear cut, and languages may be highly synthetic in one area but less synthetic in other areas (e.g., verbs and nouns in Southern Athabaskan languages or Inuit languages). Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. This book investigates in detail the grammar of polysynthetic languages--those with very complex verbal morphology.Baker draws on examples from Mohawk and certain languages of the American Southwest, Mesoamerica, Australia, and Siberia.A classic on the nature of polysynthetic languages.There have been attempts to formalize the term into something more typologically meainingful, but it remains one that is inconsistently used: Whereas isolating languages have a low morpheme-to-word ratio, polysynthetic languages have a very high ratio.There is no generally agreed upon definition of polysynthesis.I do have a polysynthetic language, although like /u/Andrew The Conlanger I haven't worked on it in a while.It has the whole shebang, a verb template with ten possible slots and object incorporation.We demonstrate that for the most part suffix ordering within the Adyghe verb follows strictly compositional rules.This feature is a manifestation of the polysynthetic nature of the language.


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