Positive And Negative Effect Of Tourism Essay

Positive And Negative Effect Of Tourism Essay-4
Expansion of hospitality and the construction of a tourist destination (huge hotels; ports, making changes in the beach resort, but in the sea itself; specially setting the equipped stations for mountain tourism, etc.) have also a detrimental effect on the environment (Mathieson and Wall, 2002).

Water and air quality, aesthetics of landscape and biological diversity are the natural components of the tourism, reproducible result in the functioning of the natural ecosystems.

There is hardly any kind of business, which is more interested in the preservation of all components of the environment than tourism is.

Negative aspects of tourism development in protected areas are more widely noticed than its positive aspects, as they are more obvious.

Increase in the number of tourists, unsustainable use of natural resources, construction of hotels and other activities related to tourism, impact the environment in considerably.

For example, Adriatic coast of Italy was devastated due to the rapid growth of brown algae.

Because of the rising level of pollution due to excessive amount of tourists, the attractiveness of such a huge national park, as the Grand Canyon in the United States has significantly decreased.

The present paper is devoted to the discussion of the environmental impacts of tourism and contains discussion of economic benefits of tourism compared to its ecological impacts.

From an environmental point of view, tourism is one of the forms of nature usage.

Some of the famous East African game parks have turned into a pile of dust by the tourists.

Greece's national treasury, which used to be white marble Parthenon in Athens , is now a symbol of the neglect of the environment, suffered from the severe pollution.


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