Problem Solving Ability

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Have you ever thought of yourself as a problem solver? But in reality, we are constantly solving problems.And the better our problem solving skills are, the easier our lives are. They can be mundane, everyday problems, or larger more complex problems: Every day, you’ll be faced with at least one problem to solve.

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No matter what job you’re in, where you live, who your partner is, how many friends you have, you will be judged on your ability to solve problems.

Because problems equal hassles for everyone concerned. So the more problems you can solve, the less hassle all-round, the happier people are with you. Problem is something hard to understand or accomplish or deal with. Problem solving involves methods and skills to find the best solutions to problems.

Because there’s no chance of shutting out the world while you’re busy, the decision to stay focused at work is in your hands.

It’s about finding the right techniques, knowing your priorities, and sticking to them. Well, here are 15 ways to stay focused at work: Any meaningful task or routine takes a large part of one’s focus.

But in fact, the problem you need to solve is to quit Facebook surfing endlessly at night so you’ll feel more energetic in the day time, and you won’t even need coffee. Try looking for a really easy, obvious solution – you might be surprised at the results!

And we all know that it’s often the simple things that are the most productive.

Good parents, teachers, doctors and waiters all have to be good at solving different sort of problems as well. Most people believe that you have to be very intelligent in order to be a good problem solver, but that’s not true.

You don’t have to be super smart to be a problem solver, you just need practice.

When you make something you can call your own, you’re more likely to stay focused at work.

Many people find working physically strenuous even if it’s done seated most of the time.


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