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When anyone identifies a quality problem, work is stopped, The opposite of Jidoka Swarming is to 'form a committee'.If you are a leader or manager, then you will inevitably find yourself leading a wide variety of teams.

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You can easily use the button to 'Insert Sheet' to add an Approval form to any Excel workbook for any type of problem solving tool to add a very clear, concise, and visual system to ensure that all decision-makers and stakeholders approve of the work done by the problem solver.

Problem solving tools and methods are useful only to the extent that they stimulate human thinking.

Value Stream teams, Lean teams, Six Sigma teams, Quality Circles, Hoshin Strategic Deployment teams, Kaizen teams, your Executive Steering Committee team, and yes, even some traditional project management teams.

Your Systems2win templates come with templates and training for how to launch any type of team for continuous process improvement, and how to follow up to ensure that each team actually accomplished their charted mission.

It is a popular new way to systematize the way that you coach every middle manager to coach every team leader to approach obstacles to Strategic Targets — using the PDCA scientific method.

If you have the luxury of being able to sequester 5-10 people for 1-5 days to devote 100% of their attention to solve one clearly-defined problem, then a Kaizen Event can produce head-turning results.Problem Solving Tools A3 Problem Solving 5S tools to reveal problems Kaizen tools DMAIC tools PDCA template Lean Kata 8D Report Corrective Action template Is Is Not Analysis Root Cause Analysis Brainstorming template Hansei Lean Thinking Are you on your phone?There are many approaches to problem solving, depending on the nature of the problem and the people involved in the problem.All the problem solving documentation needed for a world class manufacturer is listed below. Lean Six Sigma combines two methods that streamline business processes in order to reduce waste, improve quality, and increase efficiency and product value.A3 Problem Solving is a highly visual, teachable, repeatable way to systematically and consistently complete each of the 8 steps in the 8-Step Problem Solving method.Define the Problem Do an experiment Check/Study the results of your experiment Act on your findings to start a new experiment or standardize the new (better) way While A3 Problem Solving is scalable to serve well for both: Kata coaching is designed mostly for one-on-one short mentoring sessions.Use your 8D Problem Solving template A quick internet search will reveal that just about every consultant and author that has any opinion about either lean or six sigma has published his or her own version of suggested 'Problem Solving Steps'.You will find multiple variations of 5-Step, 6-Step, 7-Step, 8-Step, 9-Step, and 10-Step methods. No two approaches are identical, and yet all are very similar.continuously improve your tools, training, and systems for continuous improvement A truth is that problem solving templates have value only in the context of appropriate problem solving techniques so each of your Systems2win Excel templates includes training (and often videos) for 'How to do it' in the context of an organization-wide lean transformation.We recognize, however, that more often than not, people first get introduced to their very first lean problem solving tools because they are in an urgent crisis If you are in a crisis at this moment, then you will want to: If you only use 1 problem solving tool, your A3 Report template is a great choice.


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