Problem Solving With Computers

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Refer back to the problem to make sure you are on track.Even after you’ve worked out general steps, writing out pseudocode that you can translate into code will help with defining the structure of your code and make coding a lot easier. You can do this either on paper or as comments in your code editor.If you’re starting out and find blank screens to be daunting or distracting, I recommend doing it on paper. For our problem, there are many different ways to do this.When you have your pseudocode ready, translate each line into real code in the language you are working on. If you wrote it out on paper, type this up as comments in your code editor. Then I call the function and give it some sample sets of data we used earlier.I use them to see if my code returns the results I want.You can also write tests to check if the actual output is equal to the expected output. This helps me check if the values and code are behaving as expected before I move on.By doing this, I catch any issues before I get too far.Look for patterns and see if there’s anything you can generalize.See if you can reduce any steps or if you are repeating any steps.You will have different strengths, and you can always improve.You will learn from your mistakes, so that’s always a plus!


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