Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering Essay

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These plasmids were then inserted into bacterial cells, which created insulin based on the human genetic code inside of them. Thus, people with diabetes went from having a life expectancy of around 4 years after diagnosis to having a normal human life expectancy.

Recombinant DNA technology helped improve food production.

But there are downsides as well, such as the potential for using personal genetic information without consent.

Recombinant DNA technology, sometimes referred to as "genetic engineering," can benefit people in several ways.

She has written about science as it relates to eco-friendly practices, conservation and the environment for Green Matters.

Patenting Genes: Pros and Cons Pros: * Gives companies that patent genes time to look at the genes without competition.

What might happen if a crop of tomatoes with modified jellyfish genes to make them more robust became common?

What would happen to an unsuspecting person, who is allergic to jellyfish, after eating one of these tomatoes? Some people fear that such questions will not come up until it is too late.


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