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There are no implications of taking 3.5 versus 4 courses in your last year.I have a BEd degree will my marks in that program or in subsequent Additional Qualification courses be considered?APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY & HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ s) For more information about the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development and our programs please visit our website at Our 5 programs: CHILD STUDY & EDUCATION (CSE - Page 5) COUNSELLING & CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY (CCP) (Page 7) COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY (CP) (Page 9) DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY & EDUCATION (DPE - Page 10) SCHOOL & CLINICAL CHILD PSYCHOLOGY (SCCP - Page 12) General Questions: What is the deadline to apply?

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What if one of my referees does not have an address?

It is strongly recommended that referees submit their letters online.

If part-time, the most recent senior level (400 and 300 level) courses (at least 5 full course equivalents) are averaged to calculate academic standing.

Qualifying Research Paper Oise

Please note that only academic or liberal arts courses are used to calculate academic standing.

However, making contact with professors is not necessary, and does not convey a special advantage to students.

During admissions, we rank all applicants and create a short list of the best students.

Does admission to this program require a full course load in the 4th year of my undergraduate program? In other words, is a student disadvantaged if he/she has taken 3.5 credits in 4th year instead of 4?

2 Admission does not require a full course load in the 4th year of your undergraduate program.


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