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Though Williams never publicly discussed plastic theatre again, from on, his playsare very theatrical: his language is lyrical and poetic; his settings,“painterly” and “sculptural”; and his dramaturgy, cinematic (see Boxill 23-24; Falk 162; Jackson 96-97; Brandt 163-87). and many later plays, for example, Williams consciously exploits non-realistic styles like expressionism, surrealism, and absurdism, which he explicitly calls upon playwrights to use in their search for truth. LOUISE: The pitcher of ice tea and the glasses for it are part of the composition. LOUISE: In painting there’s such a things as plastic space.

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When a play employs unconventional techniques, it is not, or certainly shouldn’t be, trying to escape its responsibility of dealing with reality, or interpreting experience, but is actually or should be attempting to find a closer approach, a more penetrating and vivid expression of things as they are. The essay originally appeared in Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, the association representing these professionals, prefers the Germanic form of the word to the French (because the inventor of the field, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, was German).

The straight realistic play with its genuine Frigidaire and authentic ice-cubes, its characters who speak exactly as its audience speaks, corresponds to the academic landscape and has the same virtue of a photographic likeness. Nonetheless, the etymology is the same: “a worker of plays.” , with an eye to his original staging directions.

Bray cites Williams’s own journal, in which the writer had described minimalist balletic movement for the actors (Bray ix; see also Leverich 446).

In its simplest terms, then, a plastic theatre is a note.

Everyone should know nowadays the unimportance of the photographic in art: that truth, life, or reality is an organic thing which the poetic imagination can represent or suggest, in essence, only through transformation, through changing into other forms than those which were merely present in appearance. Two such productions were in California: one at the Pasadena Playhouse (5 May-18 June 2000; directed by Andrew J. “Dramatic Workshop of the New School for Social Research: 1940, 1941.” [Program brochure and catalogue.] New York, 1939.

These remarks are not meant as a preface only to this particular play. Robinson) and the other by the American Conservatory Theater at the Geary Theater in San Francisco (29 March-28 April 2002; directed by Laird Williamson).

Previously unpublished material by Tennessee Williams printed by permission of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee. Robert Edmond Jones, having studied and worked with Max Reinhardt in Europe, was a strong proponent of the New Stagecraft for the American theatre. [Edward Charles] Mabie as that of the formidable head of the speech and drama department at Iowa when Williams was a student there.

All rights whatsoever are strictly reserved and all inquiries should be made to Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Ltd., National House, 60-66 Wardour Street, London W1V4ND. Maria Ley, a dancer who choreographed for Reinhardt, was Piscator’s wife. The author has found an essay from 1919 that speaks of plastic theatre in the same sense that Williams uses the term, stating: “The Plastic Theater offers us the right to project onto one plane a multiplicity of means of artistic expression and to enclose them in a unity.

Eddie Dowling was, of course, far more than a mere director; he was a producer, actor, playwright, and songwriter. Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin.

LOUISE: The vacant spaces are called plastic space. LOUISE: The spaces between the objects, as you call them, are important parts of the total composition. LOUISE: What would a painting be without spaces between the objects being painted? In the second decade of the twentieth century, the Washington Square Players were devoted to the New Stagecraft of the European theatre.


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