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A couple of things I learned this year about the issue of land use came from a classmate of mine who grew up on a farm.He told me that the majority of the land in Canada is not suitable for growing food and that most of the work related to farming, like seeding and harvesting, is done by automated machinery. I knew you couldn’t just grow food anywhere but what I didn’t realize is just how small the amount of land that can be used for growing food really is.

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Learning this really made me question the idea that we could live off of an exclusively vegan diet.

It made me realize that not every place in the world has land that is suitable for growing plant based food and even if you could grow food in other places and ship it to people like the Maasai, it would be too expensive.

It showed me that land is actually a more valuable resource then I originally thought and, it made me realize that if we were to use the land primarily for growing plant based food products most of the work could be done without the need for human labor.

While I did learn a lot of stuff this year that supported the beliefs I had coming into the class, there were also things I learned that made me question and revaluate my ideas.

Also, I thought that there was still a lot of manual labor involved in farming.

Taking this information into consideration really strengthened by belief that we should stop practicing animal agriculture.They rely almost entirely on cattle for nutrition, and even sometimes resort to drinking the blood of cows to sustain themselves.The Maasai live in an area of the world where growing edible vegetation is extremely difficult; therefore, they must rely on cattle to extract whatever nutrients are available from the land and to convert them into a more concentrated source of energy and nutrition.Whether you are raising animals indoors or in out in the field, raising animals requires a very large amount of land and because there is only so much land that can be used to produce food, we need to be very careful in how manage it.We need to be sure we are getting the most nutrition we can out of the land we have available.There are too many communities like the Maasai, and these communities are far too remote and isolated for shipping food to be a considered a realistic solution.Instead, these people must be supported in producing food using the land that is local to them, and they must do this by using any means necessary.Reflective essays are often personal ones and this makes them the most distinguished out of all the college-related essays.Need Assignment Help is the best online platform if you too are in search of reflective essay help.Students face a lot of difficulties in completing the essays due to their own reasons and hence, the best, in that case, happens to be an online reflective essay help providing websites.There is a lot of academic writing help providing websites that are known to boast of different types of assignments and essays to the students of different universities.


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