Renewable Energy Essay Conclusion

A good first step toward energy sustainability is generating your own energy.Solar panels are the most practical and cost-effective way of producing electricity and heat on your property.In addition, proper insulation and draught-proofing are essential to cutting the amount of wasted energy consumed by your household.

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Renewable Energy uses energy resources and technologies that are “clean” or “green” because they produce few if any pollutants.

Many people use the terms “Alternative Energy”, “Renewable Energy” and even “Green Energy” together in the same sentence when taking about energy sources as though they all mean the same thing, but they are not the same.

Heating and cooling cost more money than any other system in your household.

Select energy efficient cooling and heating equipment, seal the ducts, maintain the equipment and use it properly.

Today's ultra-efficient houses are built from the ground up with materials specially designed to reduce energy usage.

Passive solar homes, earth-sheltered structures, and straw bale homes are a few non-traditional architectural styles that just might work for you.Furthermore, energy efficiency means healthier and more comfortable living that is in line with nature.Building or upgrading to an energy efficient home requires an initial investment that is higher than the cost of a traditionally constructed home.Although lighting might not seem expensive, it is certainly a factor that contributes to your energy loss. In addition, you should make more use of sunlight and natural daylight to lower your utility bill.Today's homes are outfitted with many electronics and appliances that waste energy in standby mode and through unwanted heat generation.You can choose a more efficient water heater and install fixtures that conserve water.Changing your laundering and showering habits also helps to conserve water.However, there are government grants and incentives that can help to get you started and offset some of the cost.After you live in your energy efficient house for a few years, your upfront investment will pay for itself.You could also consider making your next car purchase a hybrid, electric or fuel-efficient vehicle.If you want to build a new energy efficient home, doing so might be easier than upgrading your existing house.


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